Monday, 7 February 2011

Hawksmoor and more

Su and I walked to the bus stop celebrating the joys of Supper Club. Not only is the company faultless (heck, it even provides extremely thoughtful and supportive child-care advice)but the fact that it exists provides a highpoint for each quarter - a pleasure to be looked forward to and savoured. Now, Hawksmoor. Hmnnn. Many, many positives - excellent cocktails, friendly service though perhaps a little slow. The dining concept works really well and I like the fact that it is obvious to all that you are there to eat steak - very simple. The startes were good altohugh I think the rule with Bone Marrow as with Oysters and Steak is you don't fuck with it. So, the onion while tasty was a step too far for me. The Porterhouse Steak cooked rare was simply the tatiest steak I've tasted and perfectly cooked. Wine also just right. I found the seating arrangement and the waiter and the other diners just gave the place a slightly corporate feeling but this is faily minor quiblle and I give it 8.75/10

Perfect Meating

A real treat this time out - spacious cocktail bar in this subterranean cellar location serves excellent mixed drinks by chatty and friendly staff. The decor is very pleasing - old parquet, reclaimed doors and tables, remnants of its previous history as a brewery showing in the brick and pitch walls, and it is nice to eat in a spacious room for a change.

Plumped for 900g of Porterhouse, shared with Su, which was probably the tastiest beef I've had for quite a while. Beef dripping chips provided the healthy accompaniment along with greens and spinach. The split marrow bone and onion starter was a joy.

I'll gladly return to sample more: 9/10

The Bill

Friday, 4 February 2011

Hawksmoor - Yes more !

OK, so I am a later blogger but my personal diary for 4th February 2011 reads as follows:-
" Shared a Porterhouse steak with Toby - meat and company both exemplary"
Need I say more ?