Sunday, 18 November 2012


Those South Americans have discovered a great taste combination - pisco sours and cevich-ed fish!
We opted to go with the sours instead of wine with our meal, and very delicious (and potent) they were too. The tequenos were a delight - cigarillos of fried corn dough filled with spicy chicken or cheese.
Between us we pretty much journeyed through the whole menu, but the highlight for me was the 'Don Ceviche': a perfect mound of generously chunky bass in a perfectly balanced 'tiger's milk'. Gorgeous.
The skewered steak was also lovely...
Ceviche is a delightful discovery, one to re-visit. I'll give it an 8.5.

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Toby said...

A slightly unprepossessing entrance lead one through the busy bar and on to the our table. When Ju and Yi arrived we looked to Ti for guidance and thus ordered wonderful Pisco Sours. They had exactly the right balance of flavour and strength and saw us merrily through the whole meal. The snacks Ti chose to go with round 1 were superb and then on to the serious business of Ceviche. Mine was as good as anything I've eaten for a long time and I could have quite happily stuck to Ceviche all night. The skewers were delicious and the salads complimented well. By then I could have stopped but the Piscos kept coming so what the heck.

The only bum notes were there very loud ones coming out of the speaker above our first table but the friendly and unassuming staff soon fixed that. I will go again and I give 8.75/10