Sunday, 28 April 2013


Chez Elles presents itself in rather a confusing manner - on the one hand an almost parodic version of 'la belle France' - all chintzy decor and frogs legs, waitresses out of the Amelie casting book - on the other hand decent bistro fare at decent prices. It has a certain charm...

Started with a refreshing kir served in those old-fashioned bistro wine glasses seldom seen on these shores any more. Ju and I shared an admirable planche Campagne consisting of pate, ham, rillettes and the like. I then plumped for duck confit which was ok, though accompanied by a somewhat synthetic tasting ratatouille.
Fine apple tart to finish, very drinkable cote de rhone throughout.

Definitely not fine dining, fair enough, but it would be nice if they strayed off the French Theme Park menu to offer some more surprising choices (like you get in the real France)....I'll give it a 6.75/10

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