Sunday, 28 April 2013

What the Elles?

Deep in the heart of Banglatown sits Chez Elles, a funny, little parody of a French Bistro. The room is trying (too hard?) to be wittily French and the staff all have the perfect (dare I say "Allo "Allo) manner. But they were welcoming and , Lord be praised, never mentioned the dreaded "We need the table back...."sentence. The Kirs were tasty and the menu promised an almost cliched assortment of oh-so French dishes. Having said that, my snails were delightfully garlicky and buttery and went down a treat. The Tartare was a little too roughly cut but not bad. The Creme Brulee was as it should be. From a very limited wine list we chose a perfectly good Rhone and the evening went with a swing and the ambience was relaxed. So, not fine dining but very fair prices and the food , while unadventurous,tasty enough. I give it a generous 7.5/10 because I had a really good time.

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